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Through accident or illness, our circumstances can change unexpectedly.  By making Lasting Powers of Attorney, you can have peace of mind that someone can step in to help you, should you need them to.  

You can make a Power of Attorney to allow others to help with your finances, if you need it.  Separately you can make one to allow others to make health and medical decisions for you if you are unable to do so yourself in the future.  Making both types of Lasting Power of Attorney, you have peace of mind in knowing who has authority to help you, should your circumstances change.

From £275 plus VAT for a single Lasting Power of Attorney, or from £500 plus VAT for the two (excluding court registration fees), contact me today so I can help with some of the most important documents you may ever need. 


Before the introduction of Lasting Powers of Attorney, you may have made an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA), to allow others to help in dealing with your financial affairs.  If the person who made the EPA loses capacity to understand, there is a duty to register the EPA at the Court.  Contact me if this applies.  I will be pleased to help with the application process.

If you made an EPA, remember it only covers financial affairs.  You may still want to make a Lasting Power of Attorney to cover Health & Welfare matters.  Contact me for further advice.


If you lost the ability to understand what was happening, and you don't have such documentation in place, a court may decide who should look after your affairs.  A costly, and time consuming route - and one that may result in someone you wouldn't have chosen to have such authority.  Have your say, and contact me to set up Lasting Powers of Attorney today.

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