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Making a Will is something we often put off, but none of us know what life may bring.  Have peace of mind that your affairs are in order by making a Will today.

If you passed away without a Will in place, the law will dictate who inherits from your estate, and what they will receive.  Have your say about who should benefit, and bring added peace of mind for you and your loved ones.  

You can include so much in a Will.  From appointing guardians for your young children, to putting monies in a trust for them until they are older.  You can include personal gifts for individuals, and even make provisions for a pet should they be left behind.  

There may be reasons why you may want one beneficiary to receive slightly more of your estate than another.  By making a Will you can do this, leaving your estate to individuals, charities, or a mixture of both, in whatever proportions you may wish.

A Will allows you to include a trust arrangement, if this would be beneficial for your circumstances.  Contact me today for advice on how a Will can be tailored to suit your needs.

With a straightforward Will from £150 plus VAT, or from £250 plus VAT for a couple making straightforward mirror Wills, it's  a small price for peace of mind.

Also proud to support the Cancer Research Free Will Writing Campaign.  Contact me for further information.

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